Different foods to cure Premature Ejaculation (PE)

Different foods to cure Premature Ejaculation (PE)

At the time of the sexual course, we have to monitor or undergo different phases. The condition is called as premature ejaculation. The state where semen is found to leave the body (either sooner or after you want to have sex).

Premature ejaculation is also becoming more and more common among men. Due to hectic schedule stress, depression, and also anxiety falls on the body. This in turn hits the sexual course or the performance within the bed.

But fortunately, every condition whether physical or mental has a controlled treatment. So is the case with PE which if left untreated can make men weak.

What makes men suffer from premature ejaculation?

PE is determined to be a serious sexual weakness within men. To be in simple words, at the time of sex, both men and women feel uneasiness and of course, do not happen. Eventually, this can disturb the entire mood, to getting involved with your partner, and can also make you stressed.

An early discharge can spoil the mood. Yet this is the condition that can ruin the spouse’s mood.

As per the report or studies claimed that nearly 50% of men suffer from premature ejaculation.

But does this impact your physiological life?

Yes, you thought in the right direction, it does have an impact on men’s sexual life. Hence adopting the best treatment to make things work in the right direction.

Therefore in this blog, we will help you to determine the best treatment for premature ejaculation. This is mainly in the form of different food to cure PE. We know that medical treatment can help to deliver results instantly but sometimes people do look for natural cures.

This does exist in the form of foods that we eat or mainly the diet we follow.

Does food contribute success to premature ejaculation?

Some men have experienced results and it might be the case some not. But we cannot decide until and unless we do not take the cure.

The sexual condition needs to be enhanced to take your relationship ahead. Also many fail to do so and are likely to feel sad about the case. But if you experience sexual weakness then you must rush to doctors and seek the right advice. Premature ejaculation has the right cure available and here we will help you to determine the natural way- the right food for it.

Foods to control premature ejaculation?

Your diet plays a major role to keep you healthy and fit. Yet sometimes we miss all of those to take and in the right proportion. However, different food can contribute vitamins, minerals, calcium, and so on. If your body gets them in the right amount then you can fight any health issues.

For premature ejaculation look down the best food to be consumed

  • Almonds

Consuming almonds into your diet in the proportion of 10 can reduce the signs of Premature ejaculation.

The intake of nuts helps in the improvement of pelvic muscles. This further ease sexual performance with no load or pressure.

It includes vitamin E which enhances the testosterone level and in turn control erectile dysfunction or PE.

  • Avocado 

Avocados taste good and multiple people include this either in breakfast or make a paste in a sandwich.

It is enriched with a wide range of vitamins (B, C, K).

It regulates the blood flow and controls the penis to obtain weak erections. This turns out to obtain hard erections and men can perform sex.

Also, it helps to increase the libido which makes sex properly done.

  • Carrots

Carrots taste good and are often included in salads as they have antioxidant properties.

They help to enhance the flow of blood in the penis region and control PE.

The consumption of carrots along with honey is recommended to overcome weakness towards sex.

  • Mushroom

Contains Vitamin D and Zinc and in turn, they reduce the pressure of weakness within men.

Mushroom upon consumption elevates the testosterone level in the body. It in turn strengthens the muscles and erections.

  • Egg

Considered to be one of the best food to control premature ejaculation.

It has thiamine and B1, which makes men feel confident and regain back their fertility.

Including eggs in your diet will potentially help to make your sex life strong.

  • Banana

Banana contains Vitamin B6 and has proven to be another food to be consumed for PE control.

It can be easily consumed either in the morning or in the evening with other fruits.

Also, it is very affordable and can be followed on every alternative day.

  • Lentils

Proven to be rich in folic acid and is known to be best to control premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

Adding lentils to your diet helps to increase the sperms count.

Taking full bowl of lentils can help to control weakness during sex.

  • Asparagus

Work as a herb and contain chemical within asparagus which cure various infections and on top is urinary.

Consumption of asparagus will help to control both infections and Erectile Dysfunction/PE.

Considered to be one of the fastest ways to improve sexual weakness within men.

  • Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is one of the ancient medicine which drives sexual power within men during sex.

One of the oldest methods that are helping men and has also proven to be among the best food.

  • Clove

The level of testosterone increase when the clove is included in the diet.

It can be easily chewed just like eating candy and hence not very hard to consume

Can be Included easily within the diet as per your schedule.

  • Guava

Not many of you must know that guava can enhance sexual stamina. Also, it helps to control or cure premature ejaculation.

It has Vitamins A and C to help the body get the desired nourishment and support toward sex.


All of the above food mentioned can be included in day-to-day to help control premature ejaculation. But not only these that can be consumed there are many other foods like kiwi, spinach, walnuts, etc which all helps to raise sexual stamina and can be easily included in the diet.

So it is better to adopt the best and healthy lifestyle to enrich your sex life and health.

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