yoga for erectile dysfunction exercises

yoga for erectile dysfunction exercises

Erectile dysfunction can be quite disturbing among men and women too. Men being not able to hold on to erections during intercourse can turn up the entire condition. The phase where sexual indulge cannot be obtained and this makes up for the disturbance between couples.

The condition also affects men above the age of 18 and that goes to 65 years of age. Erectile dysfunction can be due to either poor lifestyle, excessive stress, disturbance, intake of drugs, or also due to some intake of health issues.

This way men of different ages undergo erectile dysfunction – a sexual weakness within men. Here if you being men undergoing Erectile dysfunction are not able to have love making. But luckily this condition does have control in the form of medicine.

Can ED medicine help to control sexual weakness?

The weakness during sex is controlled with several oral medications. These are the form of Sildenafil Citrates, Tadalafil, etc. Such oral medicine works quite fast and enables men to have longer sex (4-5 hours).

But in this article, we help you to determine the natural medicine does work. Along with medicines, some natural cure does have a way to control sexual weakness. To this on top 5 exercises help for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

So let us help you to know what all 5 exercises are.

Top 5 exercises for the control of erectile dysfunction

Numerous exercises have contributed benefits to men with erectile dysfunction (impotence). If you are unaware of those then look down below to help yourself and your relationship.

here is 5 yoga for erectile dysfunction exercises helpful for ED patients,.

(1) Running

Running can help improve your fitness level but it does have another benefit in the form of controlling sexual weakness as well.

It entitled the smoothen of blood towards penis which makes the erections hard.

Running enables the heart to pump in at faster and easier way by managing the flow of blood.

Further, if you run for either 30 minutes to 1 hour and more it helps in the secretion of endorphins into your body. It makes people feel easy and good.

So it is recommended to run for miles in making the sexual weakness hard.

At a present number of men have included running in their day-to-day routine. This is making them shape their body along with better performance in bed. Hence running helps men with ED to run their sex life smoothly.

(2) Kegel exercise

Kegel exercise is known as one of the most well-known for controlling impotence.

It helps to stimulate the bladder and uterus along with the large intestine.

The main benefit reported with kegel exercise is to provide strength to muscles. It makes the condition worth towards ejaculation for men.

While performing kegel has helped men to shape their sexual needs by 40%

Further, along with ED, it does have control over urinary tract infections, premature ejaculation, etc.

It is recommended to perform Kegel exercises for a few weeks to monitor the changes within the performance.

(3) Pilates

Pilates is a combination of both aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Performing Pilates helps men not to strain themselves and makes lives stronger.

Men need to have the strong concentration and power to own Pilates exercises.

The studies found across 55% of men are performing Pilates to make themselves fit towards their sexual performance and to sustain within the relationship.

Erectile dysfunction is a sexual weakness but Pilates is one of the top 5 exercises that can help to maintain the condition.

(4) Yoga 

We all are aware of the importance of Yoga and what contribution it can make. Hence yoga is also available for men to make them fit towards weak sex.

Regular performance of yoga, helps men to own great love making capability and make conditions worthwhile.

Yoga enables men to own the faster and smoother flow of blood toward the penis while making them hard.

Yoga has been running for quite a long time when no fancy exercises were available then yoga was used to keep up one’s fit. Currently, millions of people perform yoga after waking up and this is helping them to spend their entire day easily.

Including yoga in day to day, the schedule can keep you fit, and fresh and also increase the ability to think fast.

(5) Swimming

We all must have tried once swimming and some of you have continued. The type of exercise has a diverse range of benefits targeting the different age group of people.

Yet when it comes to controlling ED, swimming contributes its benefits to men.

It helps to strengthen different parts of the body by making them undergo benefits.

Swimming causes less strain on the joints and pushes your muscles to work even harder. This is found to be beneficial for erectile dysfunction.

On the other hand, the other benefit report is that the type of exercise also lowers the risk of stroke. Hence younger and younger, teens and even adults try swimming.

Improve your life with ED exercise 

Different type of methods is available for the treatment of ED. It all depends upon one condition for which they are required or suitable. However, the case where besides oral medicine, some exercises have contributed a great role in helping men to become hard. This makes them strong and confident to perform hard during love making.

At present men can easily adopt different measures by discussing their condition. further, this makes them strong enough to get started with the interest whenever they want to.

Making love making is now easier with oral dose and also exercises. This helps men to perform long-lasting in bed and by making them unable to own the smooth part of their lives.


It is advisable for men undergoing erectile dysfunction to own the above-mentioned exercises. Those have helped men to spend their sex life smoothly by making them confident and keeping a sense of relaxation. In turn, many couples have solved their problems at the time of spending some quality time together.

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